FORCES Instability/stability

This brooch and neckpiece is part of the show FORCES currently showing at Studio 20/17 Project Space in Sydney.  The show looks at strength and fluidity in contemporary jewellery and object practice using steel.  I have been using steel in my work for 8 years, I wanted to organise a show with other artists who use and celebrate the material, and here it is.
These pieces are made of mild steel, heat treated and chiseled with a blackened silver setting.  I was exploring the fluidity of how we experience the world and ourselves within it.  Balancing our mental state we flow from stable to unstable dependent on our experience and how we view and interpret these events in our daily lives. The interplay of light on these pieces reflect the multiple dimensions of our experience. The exhibition also reflected on the push and pull of our environment, both in the natural world and political sphere, the forces, which make us feel both fragile an insignificant but also powerful and resilient.  At a time where we are face  potential environmental catastrophes, nature - in which many artists fir inspiration - reminds us how merciless the earth's forces can be.