Forces: Australian rough diamond collection

 Working with beautiful rough diamonds from the Kimberly (Arygle mine) at the moment. The collection is available through egetal. This one is the 'Fluidity' ring using a half octahedron set in 18ct yellow gold.  To view the collection and read the interview with egetal here




These knife edge hoops continue in the exploration of instability/stability: we look for balance 

We have mountains and streams

we have darkness and light

we have joy and sadness, and the places of balance in between

All available through Egetal


Pieces of Place

Recently I curated a group exhibition using the Hoffman brick as a point of enquiry.  Six artists were given a Brunswick made Hoffman brick from a demolished garage to work with.  The exhibition ws held at Mr Kitly in Brunswick and ws part of the Radiant Pavilion Festival 2017. These are the pieces I made for the show.  Brooches displayed in paintings on mild steel.  I was interested again in exploring themes of instability and stability - the history of the Hoffman Brickworks site and the people whom occupied the sites - the brickworks workers and before them - the first peoples.  It is the instability of the first peoples way of life I thought of when making this work, rising and falling.



My work has been concerned with earthly and galactic landscapes for many years now.  Our fascination with exploring the galaxy, is a way in deepening our understanding of the relationships we have with each other and our environments. Looking up is a way of looking back at ourselves. Recently I have begun researching the plastic vortex's in our oceans, spending time at the beach with the kids has lead me to discover huge amounts of plastics.  This is what it looks like for sea life when they look up to the sky.  I will be making work using beach plastics in response to the changing shape of our seas in the coming months.


FORCES Instability/stability

This brooch and neckpiece is part of the show FORCES currently showing at Studio 20/17 Project Space in Sydney.  The show looks at strength and fluidity in contemporary jewellery and object practice using steel.  I have been using steel in my work for 8 years, I wanted to organise a show with other artists who use and celebrate the material, and here it is.
These pieces are made of mild steel, heat treated and chiseled with a blackened silver setting.  I was exploring the fluidity of how we experience the world and ourselves within it.  Balancing our mental state we flow from stable to unstable dependent on our experience and how we view and interpret these events in our daily lives. The interplay of light on these pieces reflect the multiple dimensions of our experience. The exhibition also reflected on the push and pull of our environment, both in the natural world and political sphere, the forces, which make us feel both fragile an insignificant but also powerful and resilient.  At a time where we are face  potential environmental catastrophes, nature - in which many artists fir inspiration - reminds us how merciless the earth's forces can be. 


Circles and lines

This necklace is part of a series looking at simple forms - we are all made up of them. The horror and brutality in Syria brings such sadness ... we are where we are, and helping each other to a way forward will prove a test of our humanity and humility - I choose to support the amazing work of Doctors without borders


Touchstones at Egetal

Touchstones is an exhibition at EGETAL which runs 12 Sept-1 October, examining how we find meaning in everyday life - how what we wear on our hands can engage us in a moment to slow and remind ourselves to be present. These rings are inspired by the people who allow me to feel present in everyday life: my children. I have created two rings that sit together and speak of love, vulnerability, play, strength and laughter. One ring, in 18ct yellow gold set with rough diamonds, celebrates the softness and fragility of motherhood. This ring nestles within an oxidised fused silver and gold ring that symbolises strength and power. More details and other artists work egetal. Photo egetal.


Knife edge earrings

Silver and 18Y posts with champagne diamonds

Galaxy Planet studs

Fused gold and silver


Boulder Opal

This is the piece I made for Egetal's Fifteen Celebrations. This is what they wrote about it Cosmic wonders pierce the infinite dark of an Australian night sky as rivers vein great expanses of earth and rock in Sarah Heyward’s powerful boulder opal, quartz, 18ct yellow gold and silk necklace. This stirring song to the antipodes is now available for viewing and purchase in the gallery as part of our ‘Fifteen’ exhibition.