Knife edge earrings

Silver and 18Y posts with champagne diamonds

Galaxy Planet studs

Fused gold and silver


Boulder Opal

This is the piece I made for Egetal's Fifteen Celebrations. This is what they wrote about it Cosmic wonders pierce the infinite dark of an Australian night sky as rivers vein great expanses of earth and rock in Sarah Heyward’s powerful boulder opal, quartz, 18ct yellow gold and silk necklace. This stirring song to the antipodes is now available for viewing and purchase in the gallery as part of our ‘Fifteen’ exhibition.


Galaxy Fusion Cuff

Fused gold and sterling silver set with champagne and white diamonds

Two Tone Knife Edge

18W gold, 18Y gold, Australian pale green sapphire, champagne diamonds, white diamonds. This ring is at EGETAL

Random Knife Edge

18W white diamonds, champagne diamonds. This ring is at EGETAL

Knife Edge Eternity

18W gold, champagne diamonds. This ring is at EGETAL



Last night I attended the launch of the fantastic new space, NorthCity4 in Brunswick. I am really excited about this community space for contemporary jewellers and object makers. Can's wait for the seminars and workshops. Thanks to all involved for realising this amazing project. I also bought a beautiful Katherine Bowman print,  joy! NorthCity4 Website


Egetal Interview

I was interviewd by Richard from Egetal late last year ... you can read it here



Petit Cross Hatch

Silver, 18Y, champagne diamond 0.02ct, FGSI 0.05ct white diamond.